Tuesday, 14 October 2014

P-O-E-M-S - Look Far and Beyond - GAME’S OVER or GAME ROLLS-OVER?


Look Far and Beyond


In a maze paved with mushmellow
You feel like walking in the air with wings and halo
Sweety and fluffy
But tis all too delicate and feeble
One ounce of tension and heat
Will tear it apart and melt it away
Leaving you falling through the clouds
Without struggle, without wrestle
As if there ain’t no tomorrow
Dizzy and foggy
Little known where lies the door of Devil
Or if ever the plummet will lead you to a rabbit’s hole

beatles in color

You hear someone giggle
And you shiver and pause and chuckle
“Isn’t it all a gamble?”
You can play Elmo or Eskimo
Anyway the end will be foretold in the Taro
When one set is over
The cards get reshuffle
This time you check or call
All-in or fold
Or bulldoze the table
Followed by a show of pistol [Bang! Bang!]
All depends on what type of memo
You wanna have on the gravestone at your funeral

beatles black and white

Time’s ticking
Whether you go mute or bellow
Time’s ticking
Whether you go by the rule or use some gizmo
Time’s ticking
Whether you muffle your head in a pillow or face the trouble


Out of the window and beyond the meadow
There is always the Sun in red, orange and yellow
Laying a layer of warmth gently upon the lively lives
If you ever notice
If you ever be awed and marvel
Maybe that’s what’s eternal
Then you’ll chuckle
“Let it be”
“Let it be”
And you drive a vehicle to Cairo
With the radio humming a song from the Beatle(s)

Yang Bowen
Nanyang Technological University 


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